Silent blog = hassel in the background

Hello everyone. I’m sorry for the long silence but I’ve been dashing around trying to get ready for the coming winter for the past two weeks. Unfortunately most of my time went into not crafts, food nor jewelry but in trying to sort all the girls’ winter clothes and their hobbies. I’m also still learning this new life we have since going back to work and that learning curve has stolen my inspiration. Don’t worry it is coming back.

I did create a end of the year list in my head which I really have to try to concentrate on and execute.

1. Christmas cards ( Have to make about 20 cards. I’ve bought the cards but decorating them is the next step.)

2. Small Christmas gifts for my girls’ play school teachers (Testing out a few things currently before making any final decisions)

3. Create a piece of wall art to hang up in our living room. (Can’t decide weather to use feathers or wood. I’ll open up this later to you readers)

4. 5th Birthday party coming up in December (Planning, planning and planning)

5. Christmas present (What I’ve already bought and what I still need to get.)

On thing that I’m going to start using more of is my Instagram account. Here is the link straight to my account so you’ll get a peak into what goes on around in my head. I also added the Instagram button on the right banner so you can find it later on as well. If for some reason it does not find me, my account name is akcwmh. Don’t get frustrated with me, I’m still new to it so I must try to remember to update it.

Since the first winter winds have reached Finland this week I decided to just add a picture of a pretty wintery colored bracelet.

BraceletThe bracelet is made of freshwater pearls and crystal quartz. In this bracelet I used sterling silver and therefore I also added a beautiful silver Bali bead net to the toggle lock.

I really hope I can soon write again. Have so many images to show you.

Have a lovely weekend.

- Alina

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Long necklace for a party

Actually this necklace I did a while ago but each time I’ve photographed it, I’ve delete the photos. But to the point. This necklace is surely made for a party.

Long necklaceLong necklace Long necklace
Long necklace

The necklace is made of sterling silver, crystal quartz, freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals and amazonite stone.

Long necklace Long necklace Long necklace

This was it for today. A quick post but does this necklace really need words? Not really.

- Alina

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Snacks at home

For the first time I had to stay home from work because my daughter was sick. I was so glad to be back in the kitchen since starting work cooking and baking has been at it’s minimum. I only do what I must and being in the kitchen was one of them on this sick day.

I did actually make cheese, bake cookies and make my all time favorite zucchini soup but I also made a delicious snack for the girls. I did my fast version of the club sandwich for us girls and also a girly pink smoothie that had a pack of vitamins for my girls.

SandwichThe club sandwich was a more of a healthy version of the actual club sandwich. Instead of using white bread, I used rye bread which fit perfectly since my girls seem to prefer it anyway. I also left out the bacon and the mayonnaise.

Strawberry smoothieI also gave them something pink to drink. The color of the food seems to have an effect on the children as well and when it comes to girls, they seem to think that pink food is always good. So I did a little strawberry and lingonberry smoothie. I added a bit of hunny to it and some natural yoghourt.

Netiher the girls nor I complained about this snack. All was well.

- Alina

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Lost teddy found it’s way home

My eldest daughter has tens of soft toys that all have a special place in her heart. She will offer a home to any soft toy that is without a loving home and take care of them. At times I think I could clean up a bit and put a away a few but in the end I fail. She rotates them. All the soft toys are in her bed but one is always in her arms when she falls asleep and this toy is never the same toy. So in some heart warming way she gives each toy the attention they need. No one is left in the corner alone.

So a while back she left a teddy at the library and the sadness was heartbreaking. All I could say after the futile search and rescue was to move on and think of all the other toys. This of course was not an acceptable conclusion when it came to my daughter.

I was lucky since the teddy she lost was a soft toy from Ikea and was one of the 1€ toys. So I went to buy one but decided to make the reunion a bit more enchanting.

Teddy ready for packagingI decided to wrap up the teddy and say that the teddy found it’s own way home. I made up a story. It befriended a post man during it’s adventure in the library and asked the post man to send him home. So the nice post man wrapped the teddy and helped the teddy to write a little card for my daughter explaining the situation. Dropped it into our mail box and it made it’s own way home.

cardThe reunion was a blast. My daughter was thrilled but not only because the teddy came back but because it was the same teddy and she even got post.

Remember that adding a small touch of magic to your childrens’ everyday life can be wonderful for them and you. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Usually small is already big to them.

- Alina

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Color combo bracelet

This is once again one of these pieces that have been lying around in my to-do-bag. I keep carrying around this bag hoping that one day it will be empty and all I have in front of me is clear space for new projects. Ha…what a dream.

About a year ago I stumbled across this color combo while going through my stones. This bracelet consists of 6mm faceted orange dyed jade, carenlia and oh….something blue. Unfortunately my youngest daughter decided to arrange my stones’ names and therefore this blue one will remain a mystery since I could not place the piece of paper with the name on it anymore.

Enough of the talk. Here’s the bracelet. A delicious color combo I think!

Multi strand bracelet Multi strand bracelet Multi strand bracelet

Have a great weekend everyone. I’ve lately only been posting picture of jewelry. Sorry for that. I will have to admit that I must priorities my life a bit more since going back to work and I really haven’t got time to execute all the ideas in my head.

- Alina


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Cords all around

It doesn’t matter is it leather or cotton but it has to be cord. About a year ago I did my first cord bracelet and I fell in love. Since then I have made a multiple amount of these. I’ll share with you one of the cord bracelets. This one goes around your arm once. I’m planning to make longer once using this weaving technique but that I haven’t gotten around to yet.


Cord bracelets

I’ve used different kinds of cords from leather to waxed cotton. I just received new light colored waxed cotton cord from China and I’m so excited how it works in these. I do prefer leather but day by day I’m more into using cotton as well. The light once are beautiful.

Cotton cord braceletsCotton cord braceletsCotton cord braceletsThe redish brown is the leather and the darker brown is the cotton cord. In the beginning the leather is a bit stiff but in the end it softens up. The color also darkenss a bit.

Cottonand leather  cord bracelets

Before I could tackle this form of jewelry I had to start buying buttons. Actually I had buttons quite a lot but they were all plastic and these I simply could not use. I just don’t use plastic in my jewelry. I love to bring real nature into these pieces so I look for wooden buttons or sea shell ones. This is actually a lot harder then I thought since buttons from natural material are harder to come by. I also used metal buttons which weren’t easy either to find. I did find some in a button shop in Porvoo, Finland this summer. Also if you happen to go to Tallinn, Estonia, there is a  wholesale store near the old town that has wonderful things for a craft addict. Here is a picture of the buttons I bought from Provoo.


This is too addicting. I’m not sure it is healthy anymore.

- Alina


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Heishi pearls

I have always had a love and hate relationship with pearls. I think pearls are beautiful but they tend to seem a bit boring and old. These heishi pearls though make designing easy since the shape of these pearls is interesting. The remind me of petals but I love it that they are imperfect. I added a large faceted crystal quartz nugget as well.

Heishi pearl and crystal quartz braceletHeishi pearl and crystal quartz braceletHeishi pearl and crystal quartz braceletHeishi pearl and crystal quartz braceletHeishi pearl and crystal quartz bracelet

Perfect imperfection.

- Alina

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I’ve probably mentioned before that I love to surf on the web and find new material for my jewelry making obsession. During the start of the summer I made a find on Ebay. It was a fox head that I thought was just wonderful. Not only was it shiny and not antique silver but the size was great (approx. 5x4cm). I love charms but finding these bigger once is always a treat.

So I did this real quick necklace on the last day of my summer holiday. I’m really hoping to see how these fox jewelries evolve since I have 20 of these heads.

Fox necklace Fox necklace

I used a large faceted crystal quartz, a faceted dyed orage jade, a carnelian and a white freshwater pearl in the necklace.

Fox necklace Fox necklace What do you think about the fox? Aren’t the carvings beautiful?

- Alina


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Cement leaf tutorial

About 6 years ago I did some cement leaves and since then I haven’t had the chance. This summer I did not let the holidays get in the way and I finally got three leaves done.

We’ve all probably seen all these wonderful cement project people have created. I’ve always had a thing for the leaves since the idea of preserving the beautiful shape. I noticed that rhubarb leaves I perfect to use for this project since the leaves are strong and large. I wanted to make leaves that weren’t flat but had a bit of a concave shape to them.

Here is a little tutorial on how I made my cement leaves.




1. Buy some cement from the hardware store. This is the one that I got here in Finland. Mix it with water. Make sure the mixture isn’t too watery since you don’t want it running done the leaves.


2. I spread a large sheet of protective cover over the grass and made little piles of dirt on the sheet. The reason for these piles were to give the cement leaves their concave shape.

Cement leaf tutorial

3. I picked rhubarb leaves which had distinct veins and laid them on top of the piles.

Cement leaf

3. I then covered the leaves with them cement. I mostly used my hands since it was the best way to keep the cement in control and to get the best result. Remember to have good gloves since cement can take a toll on you hands.

Cement leaf4. Let the leaves dry over night. After turning the cement leaves around you can pull off the  green leaf off. Notice that if you use a leaf with distinct veins they are quite hard to take off immediately. I just left all the green on that seemed to hard to take off by hand.

Cement leaf

5. I left the leaves outside and as you can see nature did it’s thing and the green parts started falling off by themselves. You can then use a brush to take off the excess leaf parts still.

Cement leaf

6. Then you have yourself beautiful cement leaves that you can use inside or outside. I love to use them in my garden and have them popping up in various corners.

Cement leaf

Cement leafCement leaf

I want to show you the leaf that I did 6 years ago. It has been outside since then enduring the hot summer sun, the pouring autumn rains and the cold winters and I think it still looks quite good. I love that the moss has started growing on it since it just fits in to our natural garden a  bit better.

Cement leafI hope to try some other interesting projects next summer. Now I have to get my head straight since I’m starting work tomorrow. Hope I can keep this blog going and all the little things I do.

- Alina


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Coconut and banana porridge

I told you about the strawberry porridge that I served to my girls during the summer. I thought I’d try something else as well since I do think that eating the same porridge every morning can get a bit boring.

I decided to mix my oatmeal not into milk but into coconut milk. I also mashed up some bananas and mixed them into the porridge as well. Be careful with the amount of bananas since the coconut milk itself is already sweet. Adding sweet bananas to this can make the porridge too sweet.

Coconut and banana porridge Coconut and banana porridgeTo make the porridge taste even a bit more slice up some bananas on top. I loved the outcome but I guess it is a question weather or not you like coconut milk.

- Alina


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