Let’s open the card drawer

So I’ve gotten seriously interested in card making about a year ago. I always had a thing for paper, pencils, drawing, markers, embellishments etc. and now suddenly I noticed I’m hooked.

Birthdays are always an easy and continuous subject in cards and due to some people turning years I’ve made a few. Don’t worry there is plenty more to come!

The first one was for a gentleman who I did not know but I was given the information that the present was to do with a trip to Africa. I guess that is where the colors came from.

So the second birthday card was kind of a mistake. I was intentionally making it for someone but during the process the card started not looking like the person in question. I was still having so fun with it so I decided to finish it. It turned out pretty cute.

The pole I used was a really paper straw brought from Teippitarha. Can be used as actual straws as well if I understood correctly. But I decided to use it as a pole. 🙂

I decorated the inside of the card with little stars as well. Just felt like it gave something a little extra to the card.

So now the card drawer has been open! Hope to see you soon.

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1 Response to Let’s open the card drawer

  1. Helena says:

    You are amazing! Go on! Greetings Helena

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