A few of my favorite jewelry

Hi again.

I’ve got too many projects waiting to be published and I have difficulty deciding what it will be each time I sit in front of the computer. This is only due to the reason that I have not had a blog but I have always taken pictures of the projects that I have done.

So I decided to post pictures of two pieces of jewelry that are currently on my favorite list. Unfortunately the weather was not on my side ( I like to photograph outside due to the natural light) and I don’t think I got the best picture of the necklace. The beads look a little too dark in the pictures. They are more rich coco color than black.

So here’s the necklace.

The second piece is a bracelet made of sterling sliver and swarovski crystals. I love the smoky color of the crystals.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ve got some food and cards coming up. Remember to stop by!



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5 Responses to A few of my favorite jewelry

  1. Helena says:

    I love the coco one!

  2. Kitty says:

    We need to talk about you making me a necklace like that!

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