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Hint of blue

I have always loved the color blue since when I was a child. I just got a few pieces done and I also found a few that I finished last year. This first one I just got done. I didn’t … Continue reading

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A few Happy Birthdays for fun

I did a few Happy Birthday cards last week which I was supposed to post tonight but unfortunately I could not get my camera working so you will have to settle for these cards. Don’t worry, maybe tomorrow I’ll have … Continue reading

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3rd birthday party planning

My daughter is turning three in December and since her birth I have loved to plan her parties. I haven’t gone to great lengths due to the hectic life with two small children but I do try to do something … Continue reading

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Finally finished

I took a little break from the blog since I really had to and wanted to get this project done. A year ago I started working on a bracelet with a vague idea of what it was going to be. … Continue reading

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Flowers and Washi for the window

My new obsession is washi tape which seems to be the new thing at least here in Finland. I love love love it. I never knew tape would be so fun. I’ve used it for multiple things but my first … Continue reading

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Autumn has come

Now it is really starting to feel like autumn and it is so close to the time when the trees become bare. Before this nature shows us one last time one of its highlights when all turns yellow and red. … Continue reading

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So I visited the nearby hardware store last week to pick up some paint colors samples for my daughter’s room. I found myself drooling over the amount of different colors that covered the walls and decided to pick one sample … Continue reading

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From white to turquoise

I have been saving these fantastic freshwater pearls and haven’t just gotten around to making something out of them. Finally I did. I’ve unfortunately had to make these from basic metals since the silver prize is currently so high that … Continue reading

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Something for others

Lately the time has gone into making things more for other than for myself. I do like to cheer people up and this is the way I do it best! IĀ receivedĀ a request to create a birthday card. The birthday girl … Continue reading

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