Something for others

Lately the time has gone into making things more for other than for myself. I do like to cheer people up and this is the way I do it best!

I received a request to create a birthday card. The birthday girl was turning thirty and her friend wanted more then a basic card for her. I love a challenge and I do work sometimes best under pressure. Don’t worry I do not take any stress in this but the given timetable and the special requests did create a little pressure which I love.

The friend hoped that the I could bring these things to the card: 1. 30th birthday, 2. moving back from Britain to Finland, 3. birthday girls hobby, pole dancing and 4. getting herself a new place. Yeah…so there. Phew, I said at first, but I think I pulled it through somehow.

I guess you’re looking for all the things I mentioned earlier. So we have the pole, I did not stamp with a birthday sentiment but a “happy everything” which could indicate to all the happy things going on in her life and the colors I chose were to represent Britain and Finland (luckily the flags have nearly the same colors).

The second little project I got done were these adorable felt flowers. Browsing on the internet I bumped into this flower tutorial. So I decided to try it. I actually used my Big shot to cut out the petals to get them exactly correct. I then created pins of them. Yesterday my mother informed me that she had snatched a few of these flowers and updated her hat. Great idea. As you can see she also used an old belt. Great hat!

I did do something really fun today as well but I’ll tell you about it soon. 🙂 Next time I’m going to post about something that is for me.


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