Flowers and Washi for the window

My new obsession is washi tape which seems to be the new thing at least here in Finland. I love love love it. I never knew tape would be so fun. I’ve used it for multiple things but my first project was actually my daughter’s room.

The room has a pretty big window and I remember from my childhood that my mother used to decorate windows. So this is what I came up with.

In the summer I got my Big Shot and cut out some flower themed shapes using the dies I got home.This is what I got.  Sorry for the lack of good photos. I was not planning of writing a blog at this moment.

So autumn came and I took down the flowers. Fortunately my one year old had down a pretty good job already at this moment since she had ate and ripped off half of the flowers at the bottom. 🙂
So what was the next decoration going to be? I got out my washi tape collection and decided to create a fun and story telling tape border at the bottom. That would not be easy to rip off either. The Little Red Riding Hood tape is deco tape so not the same as the others which are washi tape.

Here are the tapes I used (except the narrow light beige tape).

I got to start thinking of winter theme for he window. Have a great day!


P.s. More info on washi tapes here (currently available only finnish but there are loads more info on the internet in english). This is just where I have been shopping. I warned you, you might get hooked.

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