3rd birthday party planning

My daughter is turning three in December and since her birth I have loved to plan her parties. I haven’t gone to great lengths due to the hectic life with two small children but I do try to do something nice.

I especially love to concentrate on the food part and today I opened my cook book  so I could start planning what I could do. This brought up the memories of my second daughter’s 1st birthday party and what I had offered there.

I was quite pleased with the outcome.For dessert,  I did whoopies with cream and fresh strawberries and a strawberry cheesecake with fresh rasberries, blackberries, strawberries and white chocolate on top. I thought that fresh strawberries were the perfect ingredient since it was summer.

It’ll be fun to see what I come up with next time. I’ve got candy trees, lollipops and traditional american cheescake with a twist in mind but who knows what it will be. I still got time.


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