Hint of blue

I have always loved the color blue since when I was a child. I just got a few pieces done and I also found a few that I finished last year.

This first one I just got done. I didn’t really want to go over board in anyway since the stones absolutely beautiful and I only wanted to concentrate on them.

Faceted agate necklace

The next pieces are not made from sterling silver but as I have said before I have to try and use all the non-silver parts sometimes.

White freshwater pearl necklace and unknown stone necklace

I did a bracelet to go along with the necklace.

Last but not least I did a really quick and easy bracelet with just glass beads. This took strength since I really have a tough time sometimes using glass or non-silver findings. I do prefer stones, pearls and silver. Even so I think that this next bracelet is so cute. Maybe a cute small present for a little girl. And maybe I got to stop being so serious about what I’m using. 🙂

Glass bead bracelet

Have a great day!


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