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Been quite busy lately with arranging my craft room again (a job that I dearly love) and doing little crafting here and there. I have too many projects on my hands and I find myself a bit lost. A day has too few hours for me to do everything I hope to do. I sometimes do wish that my brain would just shut down on craft projects and let me be. 🙂

Anyway, to the point! I decided to arrange my buttons by color now. I got loads more to go through but I got a start already. I love to arrange things by color e.g. my books. Somehow I just think that the buttons look wonderful when in this order.

So the second thing I finally got done was my memory board. I’ve noticed that the days can sometimes be so `lively` with the kids that at the point where I sit down to think of the grocery shopping list, I have forgotten everything. I bumped into this idea on net a month ago. It’s a recycled photo frame. I just took out the picture and replaced it with some nice scrap paper. All you then need to have is a white board marker which can be wiped off the glass with just e.g. tissue paper.

So through the day I can quickly write down things that we have to remember to buy from the grocery shop. Works like a charm for me!

Our god daughter also turned one this month and we all gathered to celebrate this happy occasion a couple of weeks ago. Happy Birthday to her one more time!!  Here is the popping red card I made for her.

So there’s a little piece of what I’ve been up to. Post you some more soon! 🙂



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