Father’s Day in Finland

We celebrated Father’s Day last sunday. It is always on the second sunday of November here in Finland. Well, of course, I always want to do something small for my father as well as for my husband ( I do expect the girls to take over this part when they are big enough).

I made a nice little card for my father.

Then to my husbands part. On the internet, I had seen cute pictures take of children that had some kind of a sign that said I love you dad. I loved the idea and thought I would take it a step further by doing this every year and save all of the pictures. This was my first time so there is no guarantee that my promise will keep. So here is the picture and the packaging.

No card unfortunately! I was planning that my eldest daughter would do this but of course she decided that she was not going to do anything that I asked. She is only turning three soon so I’ll give her credit.

But a belated Happy Father’s Day to all in Finland!


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