Christmas and birthday planning, and panncotta

Now it hit me. My daughter’s birthday is just about in four weeks and Christmas in six. Yikes! I’m not sure I got time enough. Fortunately I’ve at least made some lists. I love to-do-lists.

So I’ve got a Christmas list which is in three categories (I never learn to take the easy route). One of the categories is made up of people who I plan to send only a card. Sounds easy enough but when your life is ran by two kids, a dog and a conscience that won’t let you send out ready made cards, it’s always a bit harder. So I counted I got to make at least 16 cards and now I’ve got 6 done.10 to go. I’ll tell you more about the other two categories later.

As I have earlier mentioned my eldest daughter will turn three in December and planning her birthday party has began. I have a board on the 3rd birthday party planning on Pinterest (love love Pinterest) which you can go check out. I try to update it as much as possible.

It has been clear that the princess/ballerina phase is beginning so therefore let that be the theme. Here is a sneak preview of what my first project will be. Decided to decorate our dining table’s lamp with butterfly garlands. Bit of a job but I’m sure it will look great.


So I picked up a few paint samples from the hardware store. My husband did say that soon they are going to start wondering why all the nearby hardware stores are out of paint samples. I promise to take a break but in this case this seemed like the perfect time to use them. (You can see my daughter having her own craft moment behind. Mother-daughter time! ) So this is the point I am at. Don’t they just look fun…can’t wait to start building the garland. Just got to make a few more butterflies.

Let’s not stop here though. As the dessert, I made some lingonberry pannacotta for everyone.  The berry gives it some punch but also smooths out the sweetness of the sugar. A great berry to use. So easy to make also! Just decorated with some cream on top and you could easily serve it at any party.

Have a great and inspiring weekend everyone! I’m off to the cottage to search for some Christmas decorations for the terrace. Small pine trees, here I come!


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  1. Maria says:

    Oih, ihania perhosia!

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