Facing my enemy

I’m not really sure is this my thing yet. I have the same problem most crafters probably face. We all want to do everything there is possible in the craft world. It can sometimes be a pain and during the past few weeks I faced my enemy. The sowing machine.

I love all these projects I bump into on the net especially on Pinterest and each time my brain tricks me into thinking that I can pull it off too. Trust me, I do not have any experience with the sowing machine if you do not count the curtains I sew for my first flat.

I found a lovely Christmas craft book last winter. It had a small tutorial for this teddy and this year I decided to try it out. I left the nose and mouth out on purpose. Next time (if there is one) I’ll do them as well.


This was the book.

So after creating this teddy I felt that I could do something else and went for an elephant. This was created out of my head so I do feel a bit proud of myself. The fabric is actually recycled so points for that too. 🙂

There are loads of little details that went wrong and I am still not sure if I like the sowing machine and will I ever learn to sow but only time will tell. At least my daughters were happy for the 200th stuffed toy they received.


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