The joy of making and giving

In my previous post  I promised to share with you what I had in the small paper  bag that I gave to my friend. I love to give something small to all my close friends and to people who have in some way played an important role in my life during the past year. This is what I came up with:

A Domino cookie ( close to a Oreo cookie) dipped into white chocolate and a side sprinkled with crushed candy cane. So Christmas!

Christmas lollipops

Christmas lollipops

I ,of course, could not let myself off too easy and wanted to wrap them up nicely also.

Christmas packagingChristmas packagingChristmas packaging

I’ve also been busy with crating cards to the people that I can’t give lollipops. I would actually love to give everyone a lollipop bag but some unfortunately live too far away or I won’t have the time to see them before Christmas. I hope the handmade card will warm their heart. 🙂

Time is running out and I was already starting to get worried would I make it in time to create all the cards that I was hoping. Fortunately I noticed that I had counted wrong and I only needed to make one more card. I love the Sizzix merry word die! Too bad the picture isn’t that great but I embossed the word with glitter to give it some pop. I think the snowflake stickers are also great. Such great detail.

Christmas card

So that is for the cards and the lollipop gifts. Off to deliver them then!


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6 Responses to The joy of making and giving

  1. I love doing little things like this too! It’s such a great way to let people know how much you mean to them.:)

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  3. How funny Alina, I was just thinking how pretty it would be to create something like this-white chocolate on oreos with peppermint sprinkles, just didn’t think of making a lollipop out of it!
    Love it and so easy too!

    You would love my two cooking sites, the first being like a Facebook membership cooking site.

    Polly Motzko

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