Birthday party action

So now it’s time to get busy since my daughter turned 3 yesterday and tomorrow we are having a party. I know, I’m still getting off easy since this party is just for relatives and few close friends. Probably next year we’re having a kid party.

The warm foods are the easy bit since we are serving potatoes, smoked wild tail deer  and some delicious salads. Post a picture of it for sure since the deer will very likely be delicious looking. But to the desserts. This is what I have gotten done.

Meringues done and, gingerbread cookies baked and decorated. I decided to take advantage of Christmas treats but to give them a little twist to make them look a little more birthday party like. Meringue IMG_8490 Gingerbread cookies Decorated gingerbread cookies Meringues will be filled with this extremely good and totally organic apple sauce. As the topping, some lovely fluffy cream on top and something else. You’ll see soon. Apple sauceTwo decorations I also got done, the crowns and the cake decoration sign. The pink crown is going on the cake as well (somehow) and the others were more or less made for fun. Thanks to this wonderful blog I found, that I got the idea to make these absolutely gorgeous lace crowns. You can find the steps there to make these. Lace crowns Last but not least I also wanted to make a sign on the cake that I can go along with the crown. I was left with extremely small butterfly die-cuts (3mm) from the butterfly garland I made for the party and decided to use them on the sign. Cute, eh? 🙂 Cake decoration Hint: I used Glossy accent to glue the butterflies on. Strong enough to hold them instantly and no drying marks left. Have a nice Saturday and my thoughts to all in Connecticut. – Alina

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4 Responses to Birthday party action

  1. I love the crowns & the cake topper! You’re going to be the coolest mom ever after this party! I love the princess stage, my niece just turned 4 and is obsessed with the color pink and all things princess/girly. It’s been so much fun!

  2. alinakelo says:

    Thanks! I too love the crowns. I hope I can catch a good photo of my little girl wearing so I can share it with you. This stage is so fun since the mom can also once again play princess in a way. Pinks and glitter all over.

  3. sannni says:

    Nyt en jaksa ajatella englanniksi, mutta onpas sulla kaikkia ihania juttuja täällä 🙂 Jenni kertoi sun blogista ja löysinkin sen sitten lopulta. Pinterest on myös mun pakkomielle 😉

    Huippuja juhlia teille!

    • alinakelo says:

      Nyt juhlat paketissa ja kuvat tulee koht kehiin. Tämä äiti nostaa nyt jalat pystyyn.

      Kiva kun kävit pistäytymässä. Kova yritys tässä on nyt mul bloggailla ja olenkin näköjään jäämässä koukkuun. 🙂

      Ja ihanaa kun joku muukin on löytänyt Pinterestin ihanan maailman. I’m loving it!

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