Done with the party and on to Christmas

Birthday party done. Phew! It’s always a bit exhausting but I’m real glad everything went well. Birthday girl was happy. Here are some pics of the table. Mostly food this time. 🙂

So I posted a few weeks back about this cake and I decided to photograph the ‘stuffing’ and the decoration of the cake this time. So the cake had a twist. It looks like a normal cake but I actually just made a hugh cupcake. I didn’t use whipped cream but cupcake icing. That was a hit!

First layer consisted of the icing and apples stirred in melted sugar and butter.

IMG_8569I also scrapped some white chocolate on the apples.

CakeThe second layer consisted of the icing and my own apple sauce (no sugar added at all to it). It gave some lightness to the taste as well as it smoothed out the sweetness of the icing. It also made the cake nice and moist.

CakeAnd on with the decoration…



CakeCakeCakeCakeTime to blow out the candles

Happy BirthdayIn my last post I had finished my gingerbread cookies and the meringues  They turned out great. I filled the meringues cups with the apple sauce I used in the cake and then some basic whipped cream on top. The last touch were the cookies.

MeriguesEasy way to decorate also was to just get all the cute little vases you have lying around the house and fill them up with candy. Had popcorn as well because the birthday girl requested it. Was supposed dye it pink but ran out of time. Next time…


But before I end this the final picture of the delicious white tail deer we had. We also served some fresh salad, rice, red wine sauce and red berry jello.

White tail deerYes. I’m done. Had a great time but I’m already looking forward to other projects. Be back soon!


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4 Responses to Done with the party and on to Christmas

  1. sianhannah says:

    Oh my the cake looks amazing, anything with a flump on is a must for me! x

    • alinakelo says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I was a bit suprised myself how well it turned out. My baking experience isn’t that big. It did taste really really good and I think I hit spot on the princess theme I was asked for.

      • sianhannah says:

        I think you can safely say you hit the spot with that too 😛 It’s great, your clearly a natural.. You should certainly make some more! x

      • alinakelo says:

        I sure will. I do have some really good cake recipies coming up. Let’s finish with Christmas and New Year’s first. 🙂

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