Sleeping underneath the Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree was brought in this morning. We are lucky to be able to spend our Christmas in a house where the Christmas tree is for sure straight out a fairy tail. It is over 2 meters high and it sure is grand.

I wanted to make something new for the tree. This house we are in is old. The glittery world of Christmas does not fit in here.  I decided to bake some extra large gingerbread cookies (the are as the size of my palm) and decorate them. Those were the perfect decorations for this tree.

Gingerbread cookie decorations

Gingerbread cookie decorationsGingerbread cookie decorationsGingerbread cookie decorationsTonight my husband and my eldest daughter started their own tradition by sleeping under the Christmas tree. There they are asleep snuggled together underneath the lights and the new decorations.

Christmas star

So to all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas-Alina

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1 Response to Sleeping underneath the Christmas tree

  1. Helena says:

    Ihanaa joulua teille kaikille, sekä kuusen alla että ympärillä oleville!
    Kauniit ovat koristeet!

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