Simple love

Valntine’s day is just around the corner and I’m lost. I don’t seem to get anything done.  I only have time to myself everyday for about an hour and half when the kids are asleep and that is my time to create. This is the hardest challenge of all. I hate it when I notice I’ve only sat in front of my craft supplies and stared at them. I produced nothing. My mind is screaming don’t waste your own time!

So this is what I frantically got done a few days back when I decided to create at least two Valentine day cards without them being too over the top pinkish and redish. I needed simplicity.

Valentine day cardsOnce again my cute collection of washi tapes saved me. They really are a great little way to spice up things without it getting too hard.

This bunch saved me then. It makes me giggle when I look at the things I have. A bunch of tapes. But they do warm my heart. Funny.

Washi tapes


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