Food Glorious Good

We have a magazine in Finland called Glorian Ruoka & Viini (in english: Gloria’s Food&Wine). I have never ever in my entire life subscribed to any magazine but last year I made an exception. Since I do have to make food for my kids I decided to really get interested in food. Every month when a new number drops into our mailbox I decide what recipes I want to make from the current issue.

This time it was italian tomato soup (still looking for the perfect one) and warm crisp bread with fried mushrooms and onions and spiced up Turkish yogurt.

Tomato soup

The bread was a great little snack in the evening when you were craving for something warm but did not want to start making dinner.

Mushroom and onion topping with turkish yougurt on topAm I going to be called lazy or lacking in blog etiquette if I do not write the recipies here? Please do tell me if you want the recipies and I will as quick as I can update this blog.

And tonight spinach spaghetti with poached egg (never done!) and the traditional Finnish bun with a new twist.


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