Finnish bun with a twist

The basic bun is a very traditional treat here in Finland. The smell of it brings back memories from my childhood but in my adult years I have never been the fan of eating it. It is always pretty dry and just somehow a bit boring.

Well now I bumped into a great recipe where the bun had been modified. The new ‘twist’ was that the bun was stuffed with apple marmalade spiced up with thyme. After baking the stuffed buns in a muffin pan, the buns were coated with cinnamon and sugar. The last touch was homemade vanilla sauce on top. Note: Always make your own vanilla sauce. Very easy and so much better then what you can buy. Also do not underestimate thyme as a spice when talking about desserts. It fits like a glove!

Bun stuffed with apple marmalade Bun stuffed with apple marmaladeThanks again to the great magazine Glorian Ruoka&Viini.

– Alina

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3 Responses to Finnish bun with a twist

  1. kitty says:

    I had a dream I bought Gloria viini&ruoka magazine. This is the impact your blog has! 🙂

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