Paper Butterflies

Why do butterflies just keep popping up in paper crafts? There is something so light and dream like I guess. They find their way into cards so easily and suddenly I noticed I had more than one butterfly card on my hands.



As you can see I used the actually butterflies inside of the card and the paper left from the cut out butterflies on the outside. Great way to use everything from the die.

CardI’m sad that I do not have better photo of this card. It was a wedding card for our dear friends who got married last summer.


The last one is a Happy Birthday card where I used the left over butterflies from my daughters birthday party. Trust me, I save everything.

Happy Birthday card

P.s. The first and second card where taken using my new little toy! 🙂 Taking pictures can be  pain and with a little push from my father we bought a small but very handy piece of equipment together. A small light box which can be folds into a bag. Very handy and enough for my kind. I’m still learning though.

Light box

– Alina

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4 Responses to Paper Butterflies

  1. Tirpuunen says:

    Teet kyllä aivan upeita, persoonallisia kortteja! Löysin tänne Koukussa Kortteihin-sivuston kautta ja ihastuin ikihyviksi. Kaunista!

  2. Your butterflies are beautiful! I’m very impressed with the design and craftsmanship of all your cards.

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