Painting with the kids

The kids did their share as well when it came to making a card for dad. This, of course, is always a bit tricky since the one year old is more into tasting and the three year old says it’s my way or the highway usually to any plan not created by her. But we did get something done!

I did have a bit more in mind then what we really got done but for such small kids I was real proud. The smaller one had never seen water colors never the less held a paint brush in her hand. The gluing part in her case went fantastically. We got glitter glue on and some paper squares glued.

The three year old had a phase where she only concentrated on using the color black but now she really got into using all the colors. Love it! She decided that the painting did indeed need a lot of glue also but nothing that needed to be stuck on the paper but in the end it did not matter.

I once again underestimated my kids.


But tomorrow back to my doings. Post you guys a picture of the card I got done for my husband. Oh and a cake! Coming down with the flu, off to bed now.


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