Vegetables and chocolate

Feeding vegetables to little kids can be a challenge sometimes and therefore disguising and bribing  is the way to go. I love vegetable soups and I noticed that if you mash everything together the kids will like it too. At least mine. 🙂

Part I: Disguising
I was going to create a basic potato and carrot soup when I decided to use the left over tomato purée I had. In it went and I noticed that adding this extra ingredient actually made this basic soup taste even better. Then just a piece of rye bread to go along with it and it was perfect. The kids were fooled and ate everything. 🙂

Vegetable soup

Part II: Bribing

Of course the kids had noticed that mom had baked again. I had made two colored brownies. The bottom part was basic brownie dough and on top I just had cream cheese topping. After noticing that it had been too long in the oven (went all dry) I just whipped up some cream and sprinkled the cake with pieces of white chocolate. So the bribing also worked. Eat your vegetable soup and get cake. 🙂

Two colored brownies


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