Last colors of the winter

Sorry for the quiet phase in my blog.  I’ve been very busy setting up spring with the kids and this has suddenly taken a lot more time then I had expected. Anyway I’ll get you pictures next week of the things we got done. So looking forward to spring.

But I have been real busy working on my jewelry now and once again I picked some wintery colors for it. The white, grey, green, brown, blue and turquoise just fit so well together.

Long necklaceLong necklace

I used some agate stones, aquamarine, smoky quartz and glass beads. There is also some darker greyish stones but unfortunately I lost the information on what it was. If you do know please let me know. I also used some white leather cord in the back which I really like. Feels nice in the neck.

Long necklaceLong necklace

I do have spring colors coming up in jewelry soon! They are so pretty.

– Alina

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