Welcome to Italy

I’ve had a fun week cooking some great foods. The highlights of this week were actually a pasta and ice cream. A light breeze from Italy.

I once again got a new number of the Gloria Ruoka&Viini (Gloria Food&Wine) magazine and they had a recipie for popcorn ice cream. This was of course a must! Ice cream machines have been pop for the past year but somehow I just don’t really care for them. It sounded fun but after making handmade ice cream, I have totally lost intrest in any of these machines. There is just something about ‘handmade ice cream’.

Popcorn ice cream

Popcorn ice cream with caramel sauce and popcorn on top

Note! The popcorn ice cream did actually taste like popcorn but in a lovely and suttle way. It was a delightful surpise and pretty easy to make as well.

Popcorn ice cream

The pasta actually came a few days later. We have lately gathered every sunday evening with my family and my parents to eat something good. Today I decided to whip up one of my favorite pasta, bacon and spinach pasta with a poached egg. Yummy is the word to use here.

Bacon and spinach pasta with poached egg

Bacon and spinach pasta with poached egg

I can’t wait to eat something good again but not tonight.

– Alina

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1 Response to Welcome to Italy

  1. nikkestubbe says:

    That pasta sure looks and sounds like a Yummu!!

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