Spring decorations: Part I

Spring decorating is taking place now and I have finally got all mine done. Spring is starting to show small signs of itself and last weekend I noticed that some of the pussy willow trees were flowering. I instantly gathered a bunch of it for decorations. They are such an essential part of spring that no spring would arrive for me without these.
Pussy willowI also picked up some small daffodils from the store. They make an inseparable pair with the willow.

The few decorations that I wanted to do was a center piece for our dining table. I pretty much knew what I wanted. It had to last through out the spring so fresh flowers were not an option. (Daffodils will get their own place on the balcony when the weather gets a bit warmer.) It also had to fit the overall feeling of the room and I wanted a bird’s nest.

So this is the center piece that I got done. A bit of the willows, moss which I had gathered last autumn (you can just freeze it and the defrost it whenever you needed), a small basket, bird eggs, feathers, hay, twigs and of course birds. That is all that was needed.

Spring Center piece IMG_2118 IMG_2119

IMG_2114 IMG_2122

In the next post you’ll get to see what I came up with for the kids’ spring decorations.


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