Spring decorations: Part II

I love to decorate the kids’ room window when the season changes. I did a quick post of this last autumn. Since the younger one is still quite small it was clear to me that it would be easier to create a spring/easter world between the two windows rather then something that she could get her hands on. This way they can surely can look but not touch.

Spring window decorationSpring window decorationSpring window decorationSpring window decorationSpring window decoration

The decorations between the willow branches and feathers were gathered through out the years. Never throw anything away! The bunny was already a bit worn down but with a light face lift it was as good as new. It originally held a few old paper mushrooms and had a bow made of hay. I just nipped them right off and tied a new bow. The mushrooms I replaced with a real egg which I just covered with glitter. I also used some washi tape at the very bottom of the window.

The one craft that the kids joined in was decorating some willow branches. At least here in Finland during Easter kids can dress up as witches and trade their decorated willow branches for candy. It is pretty much like Halloween but only in Easter and the idea is to be a witch.

Here are the branches that we made using silk paper and feathers.

Decorated pussy willow branches

So today we went to collect some chocolate eggs with my eldest dressed up as a witch. Here is a photo of her a couple of years ago. You kind of get the picture of what it all is about. 🙂

Easter witch

A few more easter ritual coming up.


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