Something but not yet much

Sorry for the poor blogging. My own camera decided to stop working a few weeks ago and I’ve been frantically relying on others’ cameras. This, of course, was not easy since most of the cameras that I knew I could borrow flew all the way to Asia for a holiday and taking photos with a camera you are not acquainted can be a pain. (I can be quite fussy over  what I think is a good photo.)

I luckly did turn years during these hard times and my lovely husband and my wonderful parents decided to get me a new camera. Yey! I haven’t received the camera yet but don’t worry it is on it’s way.

But not to leave you cold I did find some photos that I had taken before Easter  I wanted to give my girl’s kindergarten teachers something small for Easter and why not just wonderful daffodils. Wrap them up quickly and a make a cute small card and that was all you needed.

IMG_2128IMG_2129I also did some new Easter decorations. I decorated some egg shells using decoupage technique. Just stripped some old encyclopedia papers and glued them on the eggs. As the finishing touch I added some pictures of bunnies. I like the rustic feel and I think they turned out pretty cute.

Easter egg decorations


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