Twisting around

I mostly like to work with metal wires but they tend to take some time so I haven’t done them for a while.

This first one is really simple but perfect for everyday wear. Just a sterling silver chain (I do not buy the rings ready made nor the chains from the store. I make everything myself.) The rings in this are very small, approx. 3mm. Then  I just added to big hole beads to the chain and there you go.

Sterling silver chain with two beads

These next two necklaces I just played around with metal wire. In the first one I used the jades I had received from my last bead package from China. I just love the spring colors. The light yellow jade unfortunately did not turn out well in the colors. It looks a bit too neon but trust me it is really beautiful in real life. The back of the necklace has a leather cord.

Long jade necklace Long jade necklace

In the second necklace I only used some 10mm freshwater pearls and metal wire. I decided not to use any findings since I felt that making a bigger loop with the metal wire works really well alone with the pearls. To add a touch of that something I added a big spacer and a cute satin bow to it.

Freshwater pearl necklaceFreshwater pearl necklaceFreshwater pearl necklaceOff to take a picture of some new stones I got again from China!


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2 Responses to Twisting around

  1. Tirpuunen says:

    Ihania kaikki, mutta erityisesti tykkään tuosta vihreä-oranssista, upeat kevätvärit!

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