Leather and beads

I’ve had to luck of getting some additions to my jewelry materials during this past month. My parents brought some jewelry materials from Bangkok. Trust me, it is one of the greatest places to get some jewelry and craft materials. Heaven on earth fro me! I also had another shipment of stones from China come in.

So I did ask for some sterling silver pieces from Bangkok since the prices there are a bit less then here and also for some leather cords. I was especially pleased with the leather cords. They were already pretty soft and flexible as well as had a great color. It was also a bargain. I got 100 m of each cord for under 10€!

leather cordsI quickly made a leather necklace combining a hefty amount of the whiter leather cord (has a strange shimmer to it which I could not get to photograph well) and metal beads that I found during my trip to Barcelona in 2009. Those beads have been waiting for the right place and now finally I found it. They also weigh pretty much so therefore the leather cords work perfectly to balance out the necklace.

 leather cord and metal bead necklaceleather cord and metal bead necklace

The stones that I received from China were once again great. I’ve had the luck of nearly getting everything I order. So this time I got a bit of pyrite, jade, coral, glass, smoky quartz. rose quartz and crystal quartz.


A great Mayday festival to all here in Finland!

– Alina

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