Summer window

Some of you may have noticed that I like to change the kids room window. Well spring came and went and summer arrived finally. I decided not to do anything big this time since we will be most of the summer at our cottage. I just picked up some summery and fun washi tapes and taped them to the window.

Kids window

Our dog from time to time likes to spend his time on the kids table. I think it’s because he has the best view outside and also he’s right in middle of the action. Cute trio! The only minus is that the windows get really dirty due to his wet nose and from the kids sticking their noses straight on to the window. But this is apparently normal in kid and dog households. 🙂

Kids window and washi tapesThis is again a real quick and fun way to bring that little extra to the  kids room. These tapes are really easy to apply to the window (or to anything) but also really easy to remove.



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