A year ago gift

One of my dear dear friends turned thirty and I did not have the chance to attend her party. This year she received a card I had made and a small gift. She was once again brought to my mind this morning while browsing my pictures. This is what I found. A gift I had given her last year.

Gift BoxGift BoxI remember how proud I was about this but it is weird how times chance and after a while you start to think that you could have made it even better.

I had just gotten my score board so I created this basic box and just decorated it. I baked some muffins to go along with the gift. This make your own box, decorate it and put something good inside is always a great gift! That is what I’m still sure about.



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1 Response to A year ago gift

  1. Mileksi says:

    Aivan ihana kortti/lahjapaketti. Satiininauha ympärillä viimeistelee sen hienosti 🙂

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