Silversmith in Chiang Mai

I am not a silversmith but I’ve had the chance to do a bit of it myself. Through this I have grown to respect smiths ever more. This post has a few amazing shots of silversmiths in Thailand. You can see the strain this profession takes on their hands. I love Thai silver and maybe someday I might have the chance to see these artisans in action!

Pulse of Change - Muutoksen syke

Northern Thailand is well known of all kind of handicrafts, especially ceramics, textiles and jewelry. I took these pictures last March in one silver shop in Chiang Mai. It was great to follow the work of this silversmith in this shop.

In year 2005 Thailand was the biggest producer of silver jewelry in the world, and they must be high in the statistics still today. I’m just thinking how many silversmiths are needed for this #1 position …

20130330-5D2-1757Click any picture below to open the gallery.

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