Re-use your old necklaces

We all probably have some silver or gold necklaces lying around that we do not seem to like. At the same time we can’t get rid of them for various reasons. I was brought two chains like these and asked if I could do something with them.

A lesson to be learned here is to update your old silver and gold necklaces. Add a little gemstones here and there, and suddenly that old piece of necklace and bracelet is brand new! Here you can see the updates that I made.


In this first necklace I used a old bracelet. The customer had actually made this necklace herself first but it was made of non-silver findings and she wanted to replace them with silver and use her old bracelet. The stones and matte black stones.


The second necklace was a long silver chain which the customer did not have a clue what to do with. I came a up with this grape like cluster at the bottom of the chain. I think it works out great. We used white 6mm round jade and black stone and added one faceted 8mm orange red agate stone. I linked each stone individually to the chain by silver head pins and also pushed a 0.8 silver wire through the cluster. This helped the cluster to keep it’s posture.



Off to wake up the kids and I’ve got 10kg of strawberries ready to be turned into jam. Busy morning ahead!

– Alina

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