A week in the city

Summer holidays ended last weekend and came back home to the city. We cleaned the house, baked,  celebrated our daughter’s 2nd birthday, did crafts, visited parks, shopping malls and swam. Between all these we did get some other fun projects done or at least started.

  DIY Magic wandMy eldest daughter is at that princess/fairy stage and we did have to make her a magic wand. This is a fun easy project to make with your kids. A fairy magic wand for the girls and a Harry Potter magic wand for the boys.

I cut out different sized hearts using my Big Shot and heart dies. Then my daughter glued the hearts together and decorated it. I’ve noticed that she likes stickers that she can use as decorations. It ‘s is a little easier than using a glue stick. Then I stuck the heart to a wooden stick and put some ribbons hanging from the tip of the heart.In this part I used a glue gun since  it holds the stick in place for sure.

The other princess project was a crown mirror I found at a flea market during the summer. It was a bit worn out and the colors weren’t really what I had in mind. This was a perfect small project which would surely be something the girls would like in their room.

DIY Crown mirrorThe mirror was fortunately something that could just be popped out. After I had removed the mirror I spray painted the crown frame twice with a base color (white). I haven’t yet decided on the colors I’m going to use. Can’t wait to see how it comes out!

DIY Crown mirrorThe other fun thing I did for the kids were the ever so popular  ice creams. I usually give some plain yogurt with berries to the kids as a snack but this time I just froze them up to make them into ice popsicles. This is really a great way for them to enjoy these. Actually a bit cleaner as well then non-frozen version. These popsicles had some blueberries that we had picked last weekend.

Blueberry yougurt ice creamWe did a make a dash to the shopping mall one evening and I popped by one of my favorite stores to see their last sale. I made some really great deals and I fell in love with these jumpers that I had to get them in all three colors. During the winter time it seems that all the shops only sell dark colored clothes so this is my last time to buy anything. Trust me I don’t have a single clothing that is black. I guess my darkest color is dark brown. But aren’t these jumpers just lovely?

Star jumpersI’ve got some great cards and jewelry coming up and some other little DIY. I’ll get back to you about the crown mirror.


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