Look what I found

There was a fair near our cottage last weekend. I very rarely end up buying anything but this summer I did.

Cookie cuttersCookie cuttersCookie cutters  Cookie cutters

I fell in love with the fox cookie cutter first. Then it just got our of hand. The moose I had to get for my husband since he hunts moose and the heart and circle cutters with the small hearts inside were a must for next Christmas. And yes, Christmas has been on my mind for the past month already. The small and big circles were a great basic necessity I think. You can use them in so many ways!

Can’t wait to use them!


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1 Response to Look what I found

  1. Helena says:

    Jouluun on vielä neljä kuukautta, joten ehdit vielä monet kerrat ilahduttaa meitä aikaansaannoksilla näillä tarvikkeilla ja muilla…

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