Cake gone wrong

My youngest daughter turned two a couple of weeks ago and I had a while back already planned that I would make a meringue cake. It was the perfect cake since I knew that we had invited people who were allergic to dairy products as well as to wheat products. This was the cake all could eat.

Meringue cake gone wrongOh well, it did not go as I planned and the cake crumbled on the other side when I took it out of the oven. The idea was to create a cake out of meringue and the it would have a hole in the middle which would then be filled with lemon curd and fresh berries.

So the clock was 8 p.m. when this disaster happened and I had no chance of creating this cake again.

So before throwing the cake away I wanted to try the meringue, lemon curd and fresh berry combination to see if it would be worth doing again sometime. That is when it hit me. See what happened…


Just put it in a glass and you may serve it to the guests that cannot eat the other cake! This of course is not a new idea but at that point I was so happy that it popped into my mind. It also look real pretty actually.

Raspberry, lemon curd and meringue dessertKuva-010In the end the hostess was happy and so were the guests. I’ll get back to you about the other cake soon. I also proved to myself that baking two cakes in one night is not impossible with two small kids.


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2 Responses to Cake gone wrong

  1. I just have to say, This is fantastic! I love that you tried a meringue cake and even though it didn’t work out you made something really stunningly beautiful and I am sure it tasted wonderful too!
    You probably already know this, but another name for a “Meringue Cake” is a Pavlova. Perhaps finding a Pavlova recipe will keep your cake from crumbling next time as the Pavlova has a bit more stability to it!
    Again, Fantastic job!

    • alinakelo says:

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the tip. The meringue did have some additional ingredients other than just the basics that the meringue needs. I actually haven’t made a pavlova before so I do not know if the recipe I had used is like the pavlova recipe. I surely will have to check this out!

      I do have to try this cake out again. I will not give up!

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