New life for a drawer

Last spring I heard a play school was throwing out old things and I made my way to the dump to see what I could find. I knew that most of things were good and usable so treasures were to be found.

I found two very basic wooden drawers that were in pretty good shape and were perfect for the girls’ room. I didn’t like the color of the drawers so I started by taking off the varnish last spring. This was a bit of a challenge with my youngest since she wanted to sit in the drawers all the time in her muddy outwear and be part of the ‘fun’ process.

IMG_0037My mother bought me some cute knobs from Thailand last winter and these helped me decide the final color of the drawer.


So this is the outcome. I really like the color I finally chose for the drawer and it fits perfectly with the knobs. I didn’t want to create an all-pink room since that just isn’t me or the girls but combining this drawer color with some vintage like pink is what I’m after. Let’s see how it all turns out in the end.

Old drawer paintedKnob Knob KnobOff to paint the next drawer. Still that one to do…


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1 Response to New life for a drawer

  1. craftymadre says:

    It’s adorable. I love the color and the knobs are perfect.

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