Autumn wreath

I’ve been saving a bucket full of lantern flowers from last Autumn. These small flowers had not grown to the size that they should have and had also more of a greenish color to them rather then the bright orange they are known for.  I still did not want to throw them away. I knew they would find their place and they did.

I had a old and ugly wreath base that would still work but had to be covered all the way to work. I used this as the base and then just super glued all these small little lanterns to it. I then sprayed the lanterns with some gold glitter to give it some sparkle. Note that the glitter spray is very subtle (just to my liking).

Autumn wreath Autumn wreath

Here you can see the base I was talking about. Trust me, I take apart all old wreaths always and save anything and everything I can from them. This base had been around for years without a new look.

Autumn wreath


What a coincidence yesterday. I had finished writing this blog already yesterday but decided to take the dog out before pressing publish. When I came back I had a lovely surprise waiting for me. Our neighbor grows her own lantern flowers and each year they grown amazingly. She had picked a bunch of them just for me! She made my day!

Fresh lantern flowers


Fresh lantern flowersMust thank her for this!



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4 Responses to Autumn wreath

  1. craftymadre says:

    The wreath is beautiful. And what a wonderful surprise from your neighbor. I’ve never seen flowers like that before!

    • alinakelo says:

      Thank you! I really like it myself as well. These flowers are gorgeous. I’m not actually sure where they are originally from but they seem to grow pretty nicely here in Finland.

  2. Mya says:

    Love this wreath1

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