Cracked agate found a home

Cracked agate is an intriguing stone since it comes in so many variety of colors, shapes and forms.. This particular agate has not found a home since I bought it 3 years ago but at the end of the summer one of my customers fell in love with it and said she wanted a simple necklace and earrings from it.

Cracked agate necklaceCracked agate necklaceI was surprised how good it looked since I had never myself really known what to do with the stones.  But sometimes some stones just need a few years.

The earrings are made from sterling silver. The earring hooks and the pins I made myself. Only the cap which is 3mm in diameter is bought. That I do not have the tools for.

Cracked agate earringsSo this is the first set I’ve been working on for the past weeks. I’ve had too many projects going on since I’ve not posted anything for the past 6 days.


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