Color of autumn

I actually created this necklace in silver first but in the end I was not happy. Some the findings I was not pleased with and decided to change over to just metal pieces and finally it worked.

This necklace consists of the colors of autumn. I unfortunately have lost some of the names of the stones I used. I tired to find it last night but unfortunately I had no luck. Don’t worry I’ll updated here if I do find the names. I know that the orange stone is dyed faceted and the cube is white jade. So the mystery stones are the puffy oval and the brown wheel.

Long necklaceLong necklace Long necklace

So this is it for today. Got a real fun mini tutorial coming up soon. I so promised myself not to do these but isn’t sharing just one fun part of the craft world?


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1 Response to Color of autumn

  1. Kate says:

    Is the orange stone carnelian? I think so, as it looks like a stone I used for a bracelet for my sister-in-law. Hope this helps!

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