Inexpensive weaving

I had earlier created two bracelet where I used the weaving technique. I’ve used 0.5 or 0.6 mm soft sterling silver depending on the bracelet. Then I was asked if this could be woven using a less expensive material since sterling silver is pretty expensive right now. I actually hadn’t thought about it since I like to use real silver but I decided to look into it.

I knew the market was full of different kinds of wire materials. I had two requirements: it had to be tarnish resistant and how it acted as a weaving material. I succeeded in finding one that fit perfectly.It was the Beadsmith’s Craft Wire. It is tarnish resistant and it is a soft wire so weaving with it is easy. It actually turned out to be a very choice since it isn’t fragile as real silver and it kept it’s softness through out the process. As some of you know, silver tends to harden the more you work it. So I created this:

Weaved bracelet Weaved bracelet Weaved bracelet Weaved bracelet This technically isn’t a new creation but every time this weaving seems to amaze me. It is just beautiful but not too fancy. Something I seem to wear everyday.

– Alina

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