Memory board for the girls’ room

I really like to save all the crafts that the girls do and I needed a place to put them in their room. I have old memory boards lying about the house which I just don’t want to throw away and one of the old boards fit perfectly for this use. I chose the largest one of them all and decided to cover it with some nice fabric. I try to find fabric bargains and this time I was lucky. I found the fabric for the board as well as for the curtains at the same time.

Updated memory board


I didn’t want to glue the fabric to the memory board so I only used needles. I was actually surprised it worked so well. This way the memory board and the fabric are still in perfect condition even if I want to take them apart. I painted the frames with the same color I had used on the drawer I had redone for the girls.


Updated memory boardUpdated memory board

The fabric for the curtains is absolutely my favorite. I’ve always had a difficulty with knowing what to choose for curtains and choosing something ‘bold’ is even harder. This fabric was 70% off and by luck also by Laura Ashley. I really enjoy that it has such a variety of colors that I can really use pretty much any other color in the room and still keep it coherent.

Updated memory board

That’s it for tonight. Have a great weekend!


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2 Responses to Memory board for the girls’ room

  1. acuriousgal says:

    What a cute room, great memory board

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