Father’s day

Today is father’s day here in Finland and thanking my father and my husband with the girls is important to me. I think we should always try to stop for a moment and cherish the important people we have around us.

For my father I decided to create a card and cook something real good. I really do believe that the thought counts, not material. Eating at a restaurant is fun but we did decided that the home cooked meal is better. We can just all relax and the girls don’t have to sit quietly in their seats. I’ll be cooking this pasta that I did some time ago. I think this is the third time we’re having it and it’s been a hit each time. (Recipe coming soon!) For dessert (if my parents haven’t eaten it already) we’ll have some chocolate and cookie cheese cake. But here is the card:

Father's day card Father's day cardI’ll add this card to the Sketch Saturday: Week #284 challenge.

For my husband I decided to get something real small. The winter time here is extremely dark and using reflectors is very important. I decided to get him a little light that he can turn on when he goes out into the dark and the message to him was that he is so important to us that he must remember to take care of his safety. Pretty good Father’s day message I think.

This is the package and the card. I only had about 5 minutes to create the card so therefore it ended up being real simple. I do think the design paper and the little gems work perfectly with the reflector gift we gave him.

Father's day gift

In the front I wrote Remember… in Finnish and in the back of the card I wrote that you are important to us, so be safe.

  Father's day giftFather's day gift

The other thing that he will receive is a new picture of the girls holding the We love you sign. Last year I took a photo of them and I want to keep doing this each year  for Father’s day. It’ll be a great way to see the girls grow as well. We’ll frame the new picture in the same frames and save the older picture underneath.

Photo for fatherThe girls also did cards fro my husband and for their grand father. I thought that we would make a flower bouquet which included them gluing the flowers onto the stems. Great co-ordination practice but also just fun which is always the most important factor. Gluing can be a bit sticky and messy at some points but it’s worth it. My girls love gluing right now. If you, for example, want to create a card with kids use the craft subject which is the most wanted at that moment. That is when you get the best result.

Draw the stems of the flowers on to the paper. On top of the stems draw lightly a circle to help the child understand where to glue the flowers.Drawing flowers and cut them out and get your glue stick out.

So just draw the stems of the flowers onto a piece of paper. I also drew lightly a circle at the top of the stems. This was to clarify to the kids where the flowers were to be glued. I drew round flowers (quicker to draw and cut out) and took out our glue sticks. Then I just let the kids glue all the flowers they wanted onto the cards.

Bouquet  card is ready.

Bouquet card is ready.

A lovely Father’s day to all the fathers around the world!Remember to love your children.

– Alina

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3 Responses to Father’s day

  1. corysnana1 says:

    Love the way you interpreted the sketch on your first card, Alina. I bet your father loved it. Great use of the newsprint. Thanks for playing along with us at Sketch Saturday.
    Hugs, Cathy xx

  2. Beverley says:

    FABulous masculine cards, I’m sure they both loved their cards. Hugs Bev x

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