Washi tape coasters

Ok…so here I go again with the washi tapes but I guess since I buy them I have to use them. I decided to make some coasters that are real great DIY gifts.

Washi tape coasters

Trust me, these coasters are pretty easy to make. Just needs a bit precision (getting the tapes go straight) and time (for the glue to dry).

All you have to have are these:
– decoupage glue
– felt
– washi tape (or whatever you prefer)
– basic glue
– siccors
– tiles

Tape the tile with the tapes. Paint the decoupage glue over the tapes and let it dry. I did this twice. Then I cut out a felt square and glue it onto the other side of the tile. Let it dry. That’s it then. You can , of course, use something else than the washi tapes. This is very straight forward but don’t hesitate to ask if something is unclear.

Washi tape coasters Washi tape coasters Washi tape coasters

I noticed that making these out of actual tiles was a good thing. First I thought they might be a bit too heavy but turn out to be good quality.

Hint of the day! At least here in Finland, when you visit a hardware store to buy tiles you can take samples home. They aren’t free but the amount you pay for the sample is much less than what you would pay for it actually. This was a great way for me to get the tiles and not pay the full price.

So if you’re looking for tiles and not finding them free anywhere, visit a hardware store.


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2 Responses to Washi tape coasters

  1. alinakelo says:

    Thanks! They’re great and I love it that you can cover the tile pretty much with anything.

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