Branches in a vase and advent calendar day 2

It is the 2nd day of December and today the girls got to open a new gift from the advent calendar I made for them. If you want to know what they got today and what they will receive you got to go and check out my Facebook pages. I’ll post a picture of the new gift everyday.

Since getting the calendar done I’ve now started concentrating on decorating the house. The girls room was the first one I started with. I had replaced some old silk flowers with these lovely branches I had brought back from out cabin. I added some glass birds that had been lying around in our Christmas decorations (these can stay there through out the year) and then these cute little glittery stars.

Branches Brances Branches I also turned the little corner beneath the lamps into a reading nook. Both of my girls love to read and to strengthen this habit I wanted them to have a special little place for them to always go to read. As it turned out they loved it! I was also happy that I was able to use the same fabric I used for the rooms curtains. It brought it all together a little more.

Reading nook


But I think that is all the Christmas decorations they need for the branches. This room would be hard to turn into a red, green and white Christmas world so we’ll stick to these happy colors.


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1 Response to Branches in a vase and advent calendar day 2

  1. beautiful work.. and I really loved the reading nook, and the hot air balloons 🙂

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