Christmas decorations done!

Christmas decorations are done. Phew! Here are a few picture of what I did.

Christmas treeI brought a small spruce tree from our cabin and put it on our balcony. This way I’ll save myself from all the cleaning when the needles start to fall off. I want a real Christmas tree which is inside but that we have at our cabin where we spend Christmas.

Christmas treeChristmas decorations

On the inside I have branches again. I seem to have a thing for them. Decorated the branches and put Santa Clause and a mason jar full of candy canes at the bottom. This once again is pretty easy to make. Just get branches, a little moss and decorations and there you go.

Christmas decorations Christmas decorations Christmas decorations Christmas decorations Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations

A glass vase full of Christmas decorations is the quickest decoration you can find. Just fill the vase and your done. And it always looks beautiful. I put our vase next to a lamp bought from Thailand and I think the colors work so well together.

Christmas decorations

I also added a few decorations to these fantastic branches. I love love the nut crackers that my mother has bought years back. I like it if everything clicks together and I was worried first about the Thai vases that we have multiples of but in the end they actually all work together.

Christmas decorations

Then just a few more things and I’m done. All I can say is phew. Next week is gift wrapping time.


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