Birthday treat for the kids

Today my daughter turns four. Oh my, how time flies! My daughter celebrated her birthday at the play school she attends yesterday and I wanted to make something sweet for the whole class.

Remember last Christmas when I made those cookie lollipops. So did those again but the toppings were different. This way you can pretty much make them go with any occasion. I thought it might be a hit since who kid does not like cookies, especially Dominos (much like Oreos) and chocolate.

Cookie lollipops Cookie lollipops Cookie lollipops

This was a hit with the kids. I think that anything you put on a stick is a hit with the kids. I did bunch of them so that the teachers also got one. I don’t want anyone to be left out. One of the teacher even did say that now I got the teachers to be quiet as well. But I’m glad everyone liked them.


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    Make these easy no bake festive cookies on a stick by Alina!
    You can whip these up in no time with no baking involved!

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