Treats for the teachers

Time to get back to blogging. I earlier wrote a post about the little treats I gave to certain people. One of the most important people I sincerely want to thank are my daughter’s kindergarten teachers. I have had so much luck that the kindergarten I chose was the correct one for her and the teachers do a tremendous job.

So I did write a post on these treats that I gave this year. I added a little Christmas flower, a hyacinth, for the teachers. To make the flower and treats go together I just cut out some big circles from some striped wrapping paper to go with the treat bag. To get all the circles the same size I used a plate to draw the circle first onto the wrapping paper and then cut it out. Then I just wrapped it around the flower with the same string I used in the treat bag.

Christmas hyacinth and treat bag

Doesn’t the green just bring some more life to the gift?

Christmas hyacinths Christmas hyacinth and treat bag

Some may think giving flowers is lame and I really don’t believe that. We rarely buy flowers for ourselves so isn’t it just wonderful when we do get fresh lovely flowers from someone.


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2 Responses to Treats for the teachers

  1. Kate says:

    I don’t know why anyone would think giving flowers is lame!!!! Hyacinths are just so beautiful at this time of year and a reminder that Spring isn’t too far away.

    • alinakelo says:

      I do agree. Fresh flowers are so expensive at least here that getting them is always a joy.I’m saving the dried hyacinth bulbs we got during Christmas and planting them when spring arrives. An easy and expensive way to get flowers into your garden. Thank you for your comment!

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