I’ve had real difficulty coming up with any cards lately but somehow the flow is back. This seems to happen to me often. Just when I think to myself that this card making is flowing, the magical flow seems to disappear and move to jewelry. Or then I start to miss my jewelry when I make cards or the other way around. It’s never easy.

But to the subject. The challenge was tic-tac-toe this time at the Paskarteluhaaste blog and the choices consisted of colors. I could have chosen all of them but I decided to go with the yellow-pink-kraft line. I had some ready cut out yellow butterfly die cuts lying around so they were perfect.


I used a skeleton leaf  in the card which I had not done before. You’ll see soon another card where I used the leaves as well. I think I’ve got too much craft items. I seem to forget everything I have.


I’ve still got a few cards to go still. But if you’re waiting for jewelry or food posts, don’t worry I’ve got a few waiting for their turn. Coming up soon large gemstones, chickpeas and sugar…

– Alina

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