Carnelian nuggets

I’ve been holding on to these very large carnelian nuggets (approx. 18-25mm) for ages but finally I got something done with them. Trust me, these gemstones aren’t the only stones without a home that I have. I’ll have to show you sometime.

I decided to just string the stone on a 1,2mm metal wire so I could manipulate the position the stones fell. The stones are attached to two 1mm leather cords and I added some metal beads to them. The beads have a 3mm hole hole so I was able to put both cords through.

Carenlian necklace Carenlian necklace

I’m glad I put the nuggets in a metal wire rather then something that bends since I love it that the stones really do stay in the position I want them to. That arc just works!

Carenlian necklace

Another necklace coming up soon.


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